Why pants are important


Forget Fido the dog. Whatever way you look at it, pants are still a guy's best friend. Why? Because they are the closest thing to his prized crown jewels, that's why.

Below is our top ten compilation of why designer underwear should be promoted immediately to leader of the head honcho league and big cheese board.

  1. Hygiene - a clean pair of undies a day will keep those nasty bacteria away. We feel a jingle coming on.
  2. Support - no, we're not talking about trundling off to Stamford Bridge or Wembley. If chosen correctly, underpants can give your man all the support he needs without you having to understand the offside rule.
  3. Feel good factor -  when any man puts on a pair of our upmarket skimpies, we guarantee he'll feel the difference!
  4. Fashion statement - you don't necessarily have to look like R-Patz to wear stylish clobber with swagger, so why settle for less in the boxer shorts you wear?
  5. Sexy to look at - did you know that a lot of men are very sensitive about their underwear? Well, you can use this as an excuse the next time you buy him a new pair, since the real reason is you want to perv at him in his smalls when he's shaving.
  6. Second date - pre-empt any first-night nerves by getting him some sexy undercrackers to feel confident in before "gettin' jiggy wit it" between the sheets.
  7. Enhance your assets - we don't mince our words. Certain pants can accentuate a man's body giving him a perfect male bulge and a great butt to boot.
  8. Luxurious (but economical) gift - in an era of austerity, it's always nice to treat someone special to a cheeky but fancy surprise gift. Mark our words: receiving a pair of fashionable jersey trunks with a personalised gift card is so much more memorable, romantic and intimate than some dreary DVD that he's probably already seen anyway.
  9. Life's too short to wear tatty underwear - call us existentialist if you must, but we believe passionately that what you wear underneath says a lot about you. Don't cruise through life in some recurring sartorial nightmare. Wake up with some wonderful "Reg Grundys" before it's too late!
  10. Jeremy Paxman - Paxo once said that "men deserve better from their underwear". We rest our case.

Long live sexy pants!!!

What's your favourite underwear on a man?

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