Hell's Bells! Are we out of stock on something?

To be franker than Frank Butcher, we'd rather run naked around Soho than suffer the embarrassment and disappointment of discovering that any of our valued customers can't procure the item they're after because it's flaming well out of stock!

In short, if you can't buy the item your little heart desires, then let us know.

Come hell or high water, we'll push the boat out and try to get you the item you're after before you can say "ship ahoy". Obviously if a particular style has run its course and is no longer available, then we'll have to call it quits and beg your forgiveness as we're rather good at getting on our knees ;)

Lastly, we've no idea where all these naval idioms sprang from today - must be something in the water or perhaps we just heard "In The Navy".

What's your favourite underwear on a man?

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