Hunk of the Month - Terms & Conditions

  1. Indecent or copyright photos will not be accepted.
  2. Photos will need to be certified as a true likeness of the individual by a responsible person if Pants People deem that there is any uncertainty over the identity of the person photographed.
  3. A responsible person is deemed to be a doctor, lawyer, member of the clergy, teacher or other professional person.
  4. The winner of each month's Hunk of the Month will be decided by Pants People and this decision will be entirely at the sole discretion of Pants People.
  5. The winning prize will be a free underwear garment chosen by Pants People.
  6. The winning entrant will need to notify Pants People of the size required.
  7. If there is no clear winner, Pants People reserves the right not to announce a new Hunk of the Month or award a winning prize.
  8. In the case of a return of a prize due to the wrong size being selected  by the winner, we will endeavour to supply the alternative size selected but we cannot guarantee that we will have your size in the same design.  In this case we may substitute another design, or provide you with a discount voucher, at our absolute discretion and this decision will be final.
  9. No cash refunds will be made.
  10. Pants People reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time and also to discontinue Hunk of the Month at any time, without reason.

What's your favourite underwear on a man?

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