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The Hot Desk at Pants People HQ is where it all happens. Sun, sea, sand, sex, you name it...

Sorry where were we? Must have been on a completely different wavelength. Anyway, the Hot Desk is where fat stogies are chomped on whilst we make big decisions regarding the designers we choose. However the Hot Desk is certainly not inpenetrable to the public as we often like to mingle with the likes of you when it tickles our fancy.

Therefore here's your golden opportunity to tell us what you think about Pants People or life in general (what do you think of David Cameron's hair style, why did England's World Cup campaign go rather pear-shaped, how many Jaffa Cakes is enough etc).

We'd love to hear back from you, so as long as you're nice, polite and make us a cup of tea, you can leave us any comment below and we'll get back to you in a jiffy (unless we're otherwise busy chomping on cigars of course).


Thanks for your valued comment! Rest assured we will soon be stocking a variety of thongs on Pants People so please revisit us again soon :)

by Pants People

Where's the thongs? Ya can't beat thongs, there the best underwear ever! EVER! I know a few awsome and confortable brands if your interested

by smileymikey90

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