ImageIn Briefs: Welcome Note from our Main Man

Warmest greetings shoppers and oglers ;)

It's an absolute honour to introduce myself on this historic day that Pants People finally opens its drawers - metaphorically speaking.

Since you're asking, I am an ultra-polite fun lovin' guy who digs pretty much everything but I'll have to draw the line at bad weather, bad manners and bad service (not to mention bad indigestion).

I lurve keeping fit, whether running, cycling or dancing my little tush off. Call me Mr Metrosexual, but I enjoy shopping and rugby (not at the same time silly), Eastenders and Question Time, cheesy 80's eight-hit wonders (Rick Astley anyone?) and classical music. That probably explains why I have so many diverse pairs of funky pants because I can't stand dreary old white Y-Fronts which have as much personality as a Brillo pad..."Sorry Brillo, it's over between you and me."

Believe me, ladies and gentlemen. The key to a man's heart, guys and girls, is not through his stomach anymore as that's just so last century. The key to a man's heart (and lunchbox) is his undies of course. Buy him a nice pair and he's yours for life (or for the night at least - come on, you're not that fussy!)

Hell, there's nothing I like more than to slip into a sexy pair in the morning when I need a little buzz. I don't know. It just makes me feel special and it puts a smile on my face. Hey, I go commando on occasion just like the next guy, but given the choice, I prefer the sensuous feel of Unico and Waxx against my skin. Yeah baby.

Why Pants People?

Sure, there's loads of underwear sites out there. Some of them are even pretty good. But none of them are 'nuts about underwear'™. For them, it's just a means to an end. To us, it's a matter of life with pants. Ok, I exaggerate (slightly) but you catch my drift. It's a bit like all those cafés. Some are downright awful, some are ok but usually you find one which fits you like a glove (or a nice pair of JBS) and it becomes like your second home. Sometimes you might as well just move in permanently 'cos you spend so much time there downing the skinny caps. So there you go - pants are like skinny caps. Everything else in life is just fluff. I rest my case. Happy shopping!

Best wishes


Main Man

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Hi Rachel. Thanks for your comment! In answer to your question, we will very shortly be featuring Bjorn Borg's brand new Autumn Collection so watch this space. In answer to your other question, designer pants usually come in 2 seasonal collections(Autumn/Winter & Spring/Summer). As you would expect, the Autumn/Winter ranges tend to be made from thicker cotton (sometimes thermal) whereas the Spring/Summer ranges often feature nylon or spandex/elastane. Look out for our dazzling new Waxx underwear from the Autumn collection! www.pantspeople.com/waxx-underwear

by Pants People

Hi Pants People. I was wondering if you stock Bjorn Borg and also what pants would you recommend for my fella now the weather is turning colder?

by Rachel Woo

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