Through The Gate or Over The Fence?


Forget dreary old questions about the economy and Jordan. That's just so Nick Clegg and Peter Andre. Wow, what a lovely couple they would make. We digress. Pants People is placing its collective finger right on the F-spot of male fashion to see what happens. Oooh, that feels good.

We'd like to offer all our shoppers and oglers a regular column of "master-debates" where you can freely contribute you own two pennies (or fifty pounds) worth on any subject relating to the essence of what makes a man tick in the style department.

We'll cover the whole spectrum of manliness from hirsute macho to metro dandy and everything in between including Cristiano Ronaldo and Chris Eubank. Nothing is out of bounds, with the possible exception of John McCririck. Well, we all have to have some limits of decency, now don't we?

Since it was a World Cup year, we'll steal a quick football idiom and kick off with our first of many "below the belt" topics!

Does he 'go' through the gate or over the fence?

We'll leave you to think about what this means. Perhaps you'll conduct some field research either by openly asking your man or by spying on him 'in the act'. Perhaps you are a guy already so you know the answer. Hint: if you think this question relates to gardening and Alan Titchmarsh, then red herrings ahoy - we could be in for a very long night!

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